Improv Summer Camp with the Peel

"The Peel puts on a great camp that was a fun alternative to the average summer activities." - Maddie H.

Wow! How exciting! Your kids will learn Improv instead of boring camp games like marshmallow roasting and jumping off tires into nasty, unclean water! Lucky them! A wonderful time they’ll have. They’ll also gain life and coping skills not taught in traditional camps and how to love theatre and comedy.

Spots are limited - MORE INFO COMING SOON!!

The teachers:

Emily and Kendall Pack

The Packs have been performing for six years, including this last year they spent performing and teaching with JesterZ in Mesa, AZ. When they're not improvising, they're both teaching - Emily teaches music and improv at Montessori Education Centre and Kendall teaches literature and composition through Maricopa Community Colleges. They have found success in the camps they ran in Utah, and they're excited to bring that here to Mesa! Stellar instructors both, they’ll amaze your children with all they teach and how fun they make it.

Camps will be Monday through Friday, from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. Each week-long session is $50 per child. (A bargain for getting your kids out of your hair for 4 hours a day!) We will begin promptly at 10, so we recommend getting your kids there by 9:45 so they can settle in.

Sign up now: Sessions: July - MORE INFO COMING SOON! Lunch break will be from 11:30-12:00. Please send your child with a bag lunch and a water bottle. This will be an active class, so please ensure your child is wearing comfortable clothing and shoes. Classes are limited.

See your kids in July!